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Jess lives

Jonny Dowds - Pastor

Jonny grew up in a Christian family and had the gospel faithfully explained to him from childhood. While Jonny professed faith as a child it wasn’t until his early 20’s that God challenged him to see that he was redeemed and was saved to serve God. Jonny started working for Upney after he finished his study at the Irish Baptist College in 2012.

Jonny is married to Hannah and has a daughter Esmé.


josh turner

Josh Turner - Deacon

Josh has been attending Upney Baptist church since 2004. Despite being a Christian from a young age, Josh realised how far he had strayed from God during his days at university, and recommitted his life to God. He was baptised in 2016 and then elected to be a deacon in 2018.

Josh met his wife Victoria at Upney Baptist when she came over from Northern Ireland to help lead the summer mission. They were married in the summer of 2020 and are both a regular part of the Sunday morning worship team.

 Outside of church, Josh works as a business analyst in London. He enjoys most sports especially football and American football, and hopes to one day see West Ham United win something

Neil Varghese

Neil Varghese - Deacon

 Although Neil was born into a Christian family and was part of Sunday School and prayer meetings, he truly found the Lord and got baptised only in 2018 at the age of 21. He has been attending Upney Baptist Church since May of 2018.

Neil graduated from the University of Westminster with a degree in Finance and has worked with a private bank and an Investment platform company- FNZ before joining Chubb Insurance.

His hobbies include playing football, swimming, reading books, travelling and easy cooking.


Varghese Abraham (Vinu) - Deacon

Vinu spent most of his child-hood years in Christian boarding schools and lived with his parents only for 6 years. Having been exposed to various religious beliefs from an early age and not rooted in the Gospel , he led a nominal Christian life. However, a chance to listen to a gospel message led him to the Lord and got baptised soon after. 

Vinu became a member of the Upney Baptist Church in 2020 along with his wife Elizabeth, son Neil and daughter Nicole.

Vinu loves football so much that he would distribute sweets on Pele’s birthday to classmates in school. He also enjoys reading business success stories and does digital marketing as a  freelancer.